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Boasting Over 40 IGFA World & 24 Junior World Records, "Panama" literally means an abundance of fish!
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Thanks Guys for a great time.  Especially considering there were 40 of us.  Panama is a beautiful country, an undiscovered paradise, the fishing was world class, and the investment climate will not get any better.  Feel free to use me as a reference.  Below is my contact information:

Roderick A. Robertson
Briggs Capital, LLC.
Tel: 781-493-6581 ext. 202

Hi, we just got back from one of your trips, and we had a great time. Panama is beautiful, and the fishing is excellent!

I have to admit there was about a 1.5-hour period where we weren't so sure. We just weren't getting any hits. Then BAM! Fish struck all 3 of our lines simultaneously , and it never let up. At one point my buddy had to take his line out of the water just to get a long enough break to grab a beer. His excuse was that he needed a breather after struggling with a 20 lb tuna that fought like a 50 lb salmon.

Panama has great potential, and it would be exceedingly difficult to get by if you don't speak Spanish. Your guide was fantastic! Thanks guys for all your help.

I know you are just getting started out so, if you need a reference , please do not hesitate to have your clients contact me. Anything I can do to help and thanks for all the fish : )

Al Thomson Ontario, Canada


As a dyed in the wool light tackle fisherman, I want to thank you for some great fishing. I caught more school tuna than I can count as well as good numbers of large Trevally and Sierra Mackerel, and got to cast to several pods of big Roosterfish. The Panga captains were impressively knowledgeable in finding and releasing fish, and the presence of an English-speaking guide on the boat eased communication. I hope to return in the summer so I can sample the Wahoo and Sail fishing!. Feel free to use me as a reference.

Jim Foreit
Washington D.C.

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