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Boasting Over 40 IGFA World & 24 Junior World Records, "Panama" literally means an abundance of fish!
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Q: Is it possible to fly to Pedasi?
A: The nearest airport is in the city of Chitre that is located about 1.5 hours from Pedasi. Given the necessity of additional ground transfers to local airports, the need to be at least 1 hour early for internal flights, etc., this option increases both expense and travel time.

Q: What kind of equipment, boats, tackle, etc. is available?
A: Packages include all fishing related equipment (except for fly fishing), but we encourage you to bring your own if you would like.

Q: Is the fishing seasonal at Pedasi?
A: There is great fishing year round, but some species are seasonal. To learn more, please see CATCH.

Q: What are the hotel, food, and beverage like?

Q: How and when should flights be booked?
A: International flights and airport taxes are not included in the above rates. We will be happy to book your flights for a small additional fee. International flights should be booked for a late morning or early afternoon arrival to Panama's Tocumen Intermational airport (PTY) and a late afternoon or early evening return flight. If your flight arrives at PTY after 2:00 pm, we will make arrangements for you to spend your first night at a hotel in Panama City for an additional charge. If your flight leaves PTY before 1:00 pm, we will make arrangements for you to the final night at a hotel in Panama City for an additional charge.

Q: May I bring my own fishing tackle?
A: Yes, but it is not necessary. Fishing tackle will be provided.

Q: Aside from fishing, what is included in the packages?
A: Ground transportation, equipment, accommodations, and food & beverage. See PACKAGES.

Q: What if I have special dietary requirements?
A: Please let us know, and we will accommodate you.

Q: What is typical day like?

Q: What if I want to bring a non-fishing guest along?
A: Depending on the number in your party, we will discuss this on a case-by-case basis.

Q: How is the air travel to and from Panama arranged?
A: This is left up to you; however, if you request it, we will book your flights for a small additional fee.

Q: Is Panama Safe?
A: Yes, see PANAMA

Q: Are there direct flights to Panama?
A: Yes, see PANAMA.

Q: What languages are spoken in Panama?
A: Primarily Spanish with English as a strong second language. See PANAMA.

Q: I hate having to change money. What is the currency?
A: There is no need to change money, because the currency is the US dollar. See PANAMA.

Q: Is there any nightlife in Pedasi and/or Azuero?
A: In Chitre, which is an hour from Pedasi there is a Bar and Casino.   If guests would like to go out we will take them to Chitre for an additional $200 total for a limit of 6 people.   If there are any country fairs eg. Carnivals,  we will also notify clients and make it available to them at the cost mentioned above.

Q: What are the procedures on Tipping?
Tipping is not mandatory, but we recommend that if guests want to tip, that they tip $20 a day to the captain, per boat.

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